Executive Leadership

Over 25 years of experience as a Senior leader and FAA Executive in the highly complex and safety critical Air Traffic Control and Aviation industry.   

Operations Management

Operational Management of multiple facilities (En route, Terminal, Oceanic) within the FAA ATC system.  Beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) UAS Operations in civil airspace

Aviation Procedures Policy

For over 20 years directly responsible of the oversight,  development and growth of aviation area navigation procedures in the Western U.S. 

SAfety Advocacy

As the FAA Air Traffic Organization Safety Executive, created a  National Blueprint for ATC Safety and a Runway Safety Plan for 2016 and beyond.


  • Strategic Planning 
  • Safety Risk Management 
  • Organizational Management
  • National Airspace System, Procedures, Training 
  • UAS ,UTM, UAM Operations

Recognition and Awards

October 2019, ATCA Annual Civilian Team Award For Outstanding Achievement

March 2015, Jane�€™s Award for Runway Surface Safety. 

October 2014, US Department of Transportation, (DOT) Secretary�€™s Safety Award, for Converging Runway Operations.

October 2011, FAA Air Traffic Organization�€™s (ATO) first All Points Safety Award.

August 2010, FAA ATO Terminal Vice Presidents Leadership Award.

May 2000, FAA Western Pacific Regional Administrator, Certificate of Recognition.

December 1999, FAA Administrator Certificate of Commendation.

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