Consulting Services 


It pays to have solid advice and the right team of experienced professionals in your corner.  JMF Consulting Inc. is ready to help harmonize your immediate and near-term challenges into a plan that meets all your long-term goals.

Air or surface Operations, safety and training

At JMF Consulting Inc. we use experience and expert solutions to solve your operational problems.

Incorporating safety risk management principles that are proven and cost effective.

Executive and Management Consulting

Organizations that excel understand the importance of leadership.  JMF Consulting Inc. will be your guide to reach your vision.  It all starts with a pathway that empowers your team of executives and managers.

Harnessing technology

Technology is ever changing, and harnessing the power of technology to meet or exceed your business goal is a challenge we thrive on.

US Airspace and procedures, UAS Integration

Understanding the NAS is key to effective use of your assets.  Piloted and non piloted equipment requires an in depth knowledge of complex FAA regulations and procedures. 


Fazio Group International  • DOT VOLPE National Transportation Center 

USAF •  Air Force Research Laboratory • Renaissance Strategic Advisors  •

Flight Safety Foundation • TDF Productions  • TETRA TECH • SERCO Inc.

Nevada Institute of Autonomous Systems (NIAS) • Applied Technology Associates •

Reliable Robotics Inc.

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